About Us

To put simply, IASPIRANT is an online portal for providing e-learning to UPSC aspirants across the country. Underneath, IASPIRANT is an online educational product created by Bensqot LLP; everything from designing, to development, to maintance, to real-time debugging, giving shout outs is done by good folks at Bensqot. This leaves us, a small group of educators, at IASPIRANT, to focus on most important aspect of the portal, You.

As less as possible and as much as required

As less as possible and as much as required - is not just our moto but also the words we live by. Instead of throwing everything under the sun on you, every information is dissected and discussed before its finally put forth on portal, making sure you only need to keep track of information which will help on the day of exam.

UPSC is a general level exam, open to all, which means any graduate from any field can attempt it. This general nature of exam is also what makes it one of the toughest exam in country to crack. The swath of syllabus swings from ancient history, to modern history, to contemporary one. In geography it goes from big bang, to formation of our earth, from hydrosphere to atmosphere, to our ecosystem and environment. In politics one has to keep tab of charters, firsts, laws and acts during British India, all major world events, how our constitution was framed, and how it shapes our society, etc. In science, one has to know his NCERTs and keep tab on latest research and developments in physics, chem, bio, space, computers, robotics, etc. For International Relation, one has to know all major developments and milestones that affect world and our country in particular. Economics need to be studied from a macro lens, and one has to keep track of all important welfare schemes, Acts, and Bills that are shaping our country

With this vastness in mind, it is important to know that people at UPSC like to keep things relevant, and so do we. Any obsolete information, or that carrying very low probability is kept in the back burner until its time comes. We only show information that will fetch you marks or stimulate your brain for pointers on essays. Rest everything stays hidden. We hope this portal becomes your compatriot in your journey, in this beast of a mission, providing value on every step. Happy reading and best of luck.